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Setting up a database view

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  • Setting up a database view

    I am looking to set a up database view of the samdb using Hyena. The database view will be used to import AD data into a SQL database. Once the data is imported into a table it is matched to a table that contains PeopleSoft data (via a DB view from Peoplesoft). The purpose of the DB is for account clean up and recertification based on last logons, memberships and Peoplesoft status. I just started using Hyena so any help would be greatly appreciatted.

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    Re: Setting up a database view

    What data specifically are you wanting from Hyena for this?


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      Re: Setting up a database view

      I am looking to export user acct data - I need the following fields

      • Given Name
      • Middle Name
      • Sn (last name)
      • Title
      • Description
      • Useraccountcontrol
      • Samaccountname
      • Lastlogon
      • Mail
      • Manager
      • Whencreated
      • Msexchhidefromaddresslists
      • Homedirectory
      • Adspath
      • Memberof


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        Re: Setting up a database view

        Exporter Pro would probably be best for this. In Hyena click on your domain to select it, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export From Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then expand Active Directory and double-click on Detailed User. Enable that export and adjust the fields to match what you want. Run the export and the output file should have the fields you want.


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          Re: Setting up a database view

          That is actually where I am currently. The issue with that solution is that I have to run or schedule the reports (due to our volume it takes about 3 days to run). What I am looking for is to set up a live view from the sam database(database view) as we do for People Soft - With that solution I never need to run a report - We basically have set up a SQL DTS job that pulls the feeds (from the db view)nigthly. As for AD the report has to be run and dropped to a share (this makes for data that is old the second it finishes running) - hope this helps to explain our dilema


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            Re: Setting up a database view

            Unfortunately that's the only option available from Hyena/Exporter Pro.


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              Re: Setting up a database view

              I was afraid of that... I see some posting where folks are sending data to an access DB - how would I go about doing that -


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                Re: Setting up a database view

                That option takes data from Hyena's right window and sends just that information to an Access database. To see this, view data in Hyena's right window, then go to Tools->Generate Report.