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Server Disk Space blank screen.

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  • Server Disk Space blank screen.

    I am trying to setup my Help Desk person to see the disk space screen under all my servers. However, when they click on the Disk Space option, they get a blank screen. It doesn't show any of the disk drives that I see as administrator. Should they be part of specific groups? Or, do I need to change some permissions?

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    Re: Server Disk Space blank screen.

    This function reads from the admin shares, such as C$, D$, E$, etc. You must either have permissions for those or you can create shares and give your help desk access to those shares. Since these shares will have a different format you can use the Share Mask option under Tools->Settings->General.

    If you want to go that route the help file has information on this or you can send us an email and we'll help out.