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Output all queues with Separator page

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  • Output all queues with Separator page

    I'm trying to find a way to output all the print queues on a server that has a separator page setup. I need the queue name and separator page path output to a text file. I would like to script this output on a weekly basis and setup a scheduled task for it. Is there a command I can use to output this info?

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    Re: Output all queues with Separator page

    Since you want to run this as a job, you would have to use Exporter Pro, which is part of Hyena (or available separately). Then, you would needs to use WMI, since you want to filter it down during the query. WMI contains a class named Win32_Printer, which has a lot of properties, including I think the separator file. A WMI 'Where' clause can be used to filter out(in) just what you want.

    You can experiment with Hyena doing this interactively then just setup the same thing in Exporter Pro.

    Let us know if you have questions as you get into it.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.