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  • Daily Server Check Report

    I need to include the following metrics:
    Volume space on all drives
    CPU Utilization
    Print Queues
    Most Recent Backup Status
    Hardware Failures
    Memory Resources
    Dameware Log Review

    I have 16 servers that need to be checked on a regular basis and I am trying to use the most time effective method of doing so. Please offer some guidance as to how Hyena can help me accomplish this task.

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    Re: Daily Server Check Report

    The Exporter Pro utility included in Hyena can give you some of this data. The outputs will go to different files, though, as various information comes from different sources. Once you have the exports that you want configured, you can then use the Exporter Pro command line syntax and schedule it using Windows Task Scheduler.

    Basically, when the Task Scheduler runs it, Exporter Pro will retrieve the data from your servers, then export that to delimited text files.

    If you need additional assistance with this, send an email to [email protected].


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      Re: Daily Server Check Report

      Thank you for your reply. Here is another issue. I want to select a subset of all my servers and group them in Object Manager so that when I select that one group objec I get that subset displayed in the right pane. How do I do this?


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        Re: Daily Server Check Report

        Create an Object Grouping, then add your servers. In the Object Manager window, make sure the Object Grouping is directly above the servers you want in that group, then select those servers and click the Group icon. This will indent them on the screen, and when you click Ok to return to Hyena you will see the grouping and the servers will be in it.


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          Re: Daily Server Check Report

          Awesome! Got it. One last question. Some of my server do not show up listed by Hyena. What requirements need to be met for Hyena to discover a server?


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            Re: Daily Server Check Report

            Also, I am running the extended trial period of which I have 8 days left, but I cant get Exporter Pro to recognize that.

            I have submitted a purchase request of 5 user licenses for Hyena to my management.


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              Re: Daily Server Check Report

              The Servers folder comes from your Windows Browse List. Servers that aren't showing up on your browse list will be missing from there. On the trial question, that only works for Hyena and Exporter Pro can't be extended.