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Scheduled Task User Problem

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  • Scheduled Task User Problem


    I am running an stexport.exe batch file in a scheduled task under a scheduler user account (user account setup only to run scheduled tassks in our domain).

    When the task is started, it says "running" but never completes. I can run the export from the application or the command line with no problem.

    The only user that can successfully run this task under scheduled tasks is mine - no other user (for example, even a domain admin) can run the task.

    Is there something in Hyena that only allows a certain user to run / export? Perhaps something in the registry for the user that initially installed the problem or created the export?

    We're using:

    Hyena v6.7
    Exporter Pro v2.0 C

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    Re: Scheduled Task User Problem

    More than likely you are running into a licensing issue. You would need to logon to the computer that runs the task as the user the task runs under. Run Hyena and enter the license key information. Then test running from the command line while still logged on as that user. If it works, then set everything back to run as a task and see if that fixes the issue.


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      Re: Scheduled Task User Problem

      Unfortunately, I cannot logon to the computer with this account (the task is running on a DC and the scheduler account is forbidden to logon).

      When I run the command line with a RUNAS for that user, it fails. However, other scheduled tasks that run under this account on the same server are ok.

      Our licensing info is also ok in Hyena.


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        Re: Scheduled Task User Problem

        What is meant by 'licensing issue' is that when you run Hyena or Exporter Pro from an account that has not logged on interactively, the application has no way to know that it is licensed. Since you are licensed for Hyena, you can manually create the registry values of 'AccessKey' and 'Licensee' under the HKCU\Software\Adkins Resource\Hyena\Win32 key. You can copy these values from a computer that has a Hyena license. But the problem is that this must be created in the HKCU registry hive for the user account that is running this process.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.