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  • Hyena 7/Vista/Office 2k7

    Recently upgraded to a new vista business edition pc with office 2k7. I run a daily report on failed logon attempts hitting a legacy nt4 domain and filtering the event log and then generate that report out to access and save it. When the report hits access 2007 I get the standard database created in an older version of access message that i've always gotten, but once I get past that when it tries to run the macro "runreport" it fails with error number 2950 on action code "RunCode" argument "RunReport()". My only option at that point is to stop all macros (only selectable option).

    Update: fixed it but still thought I'd post for anyone else that might have this issue. I had to go into access options, trust center, macros settings and enable all macros before it would work. My other option was to go in each time I ran a report and tell it to allow all macro's in this db and then manually run the macro again.

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    Re: Hyena 7/Vista/Office 2k7

    Thanks for the info! I'm sure this will come in handy for anyone running 2k7.


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      Re: Hyena 7/Vista/Office 2k7

      That was killer info helped me out a bunch. Thanks for the post.


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        Re: Hyena 7/Vista/Office 2k7

        Enabling Macros did the trick. Thanks for the speedy reply!