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finding all pst files..

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  • finding all pst files..

    We have several NetApps Filer appliances where users keep their PST files via CIFS (windows shares). I need to traverse these shares, find all PST files and their disk usage. It looks like Exporter Pro can do this but I'm not sure how. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: finding all pst files..

    Select your computers in Hyena, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then double-click on File/Directory.

    You'll need to create a template, so click the New button. Enter a Template Name, such as File Search, and type in an output file, such as c:\filesearch.txt.

    Beside Shared Directory Paths click the Add button, then select the options to Retrieve all shares matching specified type, then check all 3 boxes beneath that. At the bottom check the option to scan all subdirectories, then click OK.

    Click the Add button beside File Name Filters and enter the name of the files you are looking for.

    Click OK until you are back to the screen with Configuration Properties in the title bar. Make sure nothing other than File/Directory is enabled, and if there is anything else double-click on them and disable them. Then click Close and Start Export.

    When the process is finished you can open the output file with Excel.


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      Re: finding all pst files..

      Specifically followed the instructions here and exporter pro doesn't see the wildcard *.pst

      Running the export on a server object in Hyena 6.5

      It just iterates through every file, and creates a huge results file.
      Any ideas?


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        Re: finding all pst files..

        On your File/Directory template click the Customize Output Columns button and remove the field called Dir Files(Bytes) and run it again.