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How to report on ODBC DSN and USN

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  • How to report on ODBC DSN and USN

    Will exporter pro pull a list of odbc connections with settings?

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    Re: How to report on ODBC DSN and USN

    No, and I don't see a way to get that information.


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      If interested, I was able to use Exporter Pro to scan all my systems in AD and report on the ODBC Data Sources and their config. This was in preparation for replacing a sever with a new name and we wanted to find out what machines on our domain were using an ODBC connection to point to the old server.

      Tools - Exporter Pro - Export from Selected Object
      Created an export Configuration using the Registry

      - Registry Key Path: SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI
      - Export values from Key and all sub-keys
      - For Registry Value Names include:
      -- %KEY_PATH%
      -- %KEY_NAME%
      -- %OBJECT_NAME%
      -- %VALUE%

      The resulting data can be filtered and sorted.

      Where Registry Key Name = ODBC Data Sources, you have a list of named data sources.
      Where Registry Key Name is the actual name of the Data Source, you have the configuration, including the server it it is configured to point to.


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        Excellent information melake, thanks!