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Software report, for each report one file

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  • Software report, for each report one file

    Hello everybody,

    I played a little bit with the reportfunction on hyena, and i wanted to create a softwarereport for each PC in our domamin, but i can only create a report witch list me all the installed software in one file! Also i can't find a solution to seperate all the entrys of the File, i dont know wich entry belongs to which PC. I want to get only the Softwarename, Version and Publisher. I tried to add in anyway a heading with the Name of the PC but i couldn't find a solution. So i thougt about exporting each PC to one seperated File. Is this possible? If not, how can i do the First solution, with a heading and then all the Software listed, the next PC and all Software belongs to it. Then i can write a macro in Excel to create my seperatred Files!
    I hope someone can help me!

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    Re: Software report, for each report one file

    Add the symbol %OBJECT_PATH% and you should see the computer names in your output.