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  • Import computer name list

    I have collected a list of computer names of aprox 1300 that need to be rebooted on my network, is there a way to import this list and have Hyena check to see if anyone is logged into the workstation. I would then be able to send a batch reboot command to the computers that do not have users logged in?????

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    Re: Import computer name list

    To import your list of computers, what you do is create a text file and name it qstation.dat. Your entries will look like:

    ServerA Servers
    ServerB Servers
    ServerC Servers

    There are 2 tabs between those. The Servers part I specified above is the grouping folder you will create, and can be named anything you want. Use the same one for all of these computers to keep them in the same grouping.

    Then go to File->Manage Object View and click the button to Import Quick Access. Find the file you created and it should pull in the computers and put them in the group name you specified on each line (Servers in this example.)