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Report on NON-Pingable Nodes?

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  • Report on NON-Pingable Nodes?

    say you are running a report on all workstations and servers on your network to see what is running IIS, WWWP, SMTP, SQL, etc. the report will only include those machines that answered to a ping - so the report will not have entries for vpn users not connected to the network or severs and computers that happen to be turned off for whatever reason while the report was running. is there a way to view a list with all non-responding nodes? this would be very useful in regards to tracking down individual machines that were missed in the report so that they can be dealt with individually. any help on this would be appreciated. (using exporter pro)

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    Re: Report on NON-Pingable Nodes?

    Have you tried going into the Export Properties, and on the Output tab, there is an option for Logging failures. I think the ping failure is logged there.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.