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  • Services export to text file

    I am trying to create a command line based executeable to use as a scheduled task. I've modified the *.dat and *.ini files to perform as I would like them to.

    If I execute the export from STexport.exe it opens the application. I click 'start' and it runs perfectly. I'd rather this run from 'exporter.exe' though, this would avoid any user interaction.

    Using the same command strings 'exporter.exe" gives me a prompt "Exporter version 2.7" then comes back to a command prompt. No file is created as it is when I run 'stexport'.

    Am I missing something obvious to make this work?


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    Re: Services export to text file

    Exporter.exe is completely different from stexport.exe. You can use stexport.exe this way. Make sure you are using a command syntax of:

    stexport.exe /CONFIG=path_to_your_ini

    If you are executing it this way and the Exporter Pro GUI is opening, it means it either didn't find the ini file, or something is not configured properly.


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      Re: Services export to text file

      All I have to do is click the green GO icon it runs properly. What should I be looking at to correct the problem?


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        Re: Services export to text file

        Nevermind, I must have mistyped originally. It IS working correctly right now.

        trying to create a batch file for it.

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