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Exporter Pro Crashes while exporting

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  • cmccullough
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    Re: Exporter Pro Crashes while exporting

    Are you starting in Hyena and using the Export Selected Objects option? If so, are you selecting the users in Hyena or the domain itself?

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    Guest started a topic Exporter Pro Crashes while exporting

    Exporter Pro Crashes while exporting

    i am trying to Export all Users from a lage Domain (about 55000) with many Attributes (84 so far). But direct after starting the export, the Exporter closes down without any information or Error Message and only the AttributeNames are found in the Outputfile.

    BUT: If i split the the Export and export the same Attributes in more steps (each step with only a few Attributes) all is fine. But i can't find the Limit from exporter.

    Is there any limitation? The Export File is very large (about 120 Megs or so) but i dont want to split it in more files because its harder to use the result in other programs.