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Network Settings (TCP/IP...) & Teams

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Network Settings (TCP/IP...) & Teams

    That function gets it's information from a specific registry key, and teamed cards seem to store their data somewhere else.

    Try using the WMI Network Adapter Configuration export instead.

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  • mnasky
    started a topic Network Settings (TCP/IP...) & Teams

    Network Settings (TCP/IP...) & Teams

    We have many servers that use either Compaq NIC teaming or Dell Broadcom / Intel NIC teaming. When I utilize the Exporter Pro 'Network Settings (TCP/IP...)' function, it appears that I receive the physical NIC settings, but not the team. Am I doing something wrong -or- is this by design?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Mark.