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  • Security Reporting

    Hi all,
    Hyena Version 6.7

    I'm trying to find a list of shares in AD that a set of Global Groups has access to. I would also like to view the groups' NTFS permissions for all directories and sub-directories of the share - but this is not as critical as the share info.

    I'm using exporter-pro. Following are the steps that I have taken.

    1. Highlight the desired servers in the right pane.
    2. Tools>>Exporter Pro>>Export from Selected objects.
    3.The template that I have set up is the Security Export Template. I have "Shares" checked and everything below that except printers checked as well.
    4. I also have, "Only export information for user/groups listed in this file. The path is correct and the file contains text in the following format:

    The query runs and returns all of the share names, but does not reference any of the groups that I have specified. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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    Re: Security Reporting

    The format for that file should be:


    Modify it to that format and let us know if you get the desired results.


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      Re: Security Reporting

      Thanks for the quick response. I think that the reason that I am not getting back any meaningful data is because it looks like thi site has all of it's share security wide open.

      If I wanted to see all of the NTFS perms granted to a specific global group across several servers and their shares, would that be possible?


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        Re: Security Reporting

        Yes, for that you will configure the Security Access export, then create a template under Files/Directory.