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How Do I Migrate Client Printers Server 2003

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  • How Do I Migrate Client Printers Server 2003

    How do I migrate client (Win XP) printers to new 2003 server? Used MS Print Migrator 3.1. New server is up and running. Server has (and must have) different name than the old server. Cannot use DNS aliases. Prefer not to go to each pc to fix. Over 600 PCs to change. Can this be done in Hyena? If so, how? Don't have rights to domain controller. Must be some script that can do it.

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    Re: How Do I Migrate Client Printers Server 2003

    Ok, I understand you tried to make it brief and gave the facts. Can you please edit it so that it makes a bit more sense? You said you used the print migrater 3.1 and it's up and running. Then you mentioned something about the server name must be different. Is that your requirements or the print migrater requirements? I take it you not a domain admin? If you have to move that many printers with out domain admin right's yor in for a world of work. Are you running in a 2003 domain? Have they extended the schema for R2? 2003 domain's with the R2 schema extension allows you to push printers to your workstations. You can also use group policies to run a batch file. Basic printer batch file and do it that way.

    Some more info would be nice.