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List of the primary email-address

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  • List of the primary email-address

    Hi, Ik hope someone can help me with this one.

    I try to make a list of the primary SMTP email address of all the users in AD. I made an export with exporter pro (select all users -> exporter pro -> active directory\detail user attributes -> mail) This results in a list of email adresses that are not always primary adresses. Most of the time I see the aliases.

    Does someone know how I can get a list of only the primary smtp addresses?

    Thanks for your help,

    Ronald Maas

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    Re: List of the primary email-address

    You can add the proxyaddresses field, and the primary appears to be the one with SMTP: in capitals, all others will be smtp:.


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      Re: List of the primary email-address

      At first I could not find the proxyaddresses field but I found it under exchange 2000 attributes.
      Thanks a lot cmccullough for the quick response. This is the list I needed!

      Greetings Ronald Maas