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  • Export Specific Software?

    I can get Hyena to export a list of all software on my (connected) PCs, but I'm having trouble configuring export to give me just one particular software package. The problem with the full list is that it takes so long to work through all of the PCs on the network.

    Is it possible (and reasonable) to set it up to export a list of one particular software package ~ for example, Visual Studio. I'm trying to determine which PCs have this software installed.

    Mary Elizabeth

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    Re: Export Specific Software?

    It can only export all software. Even if there was a way to specify a particular program, it would still take the same amount of time because it is attaching to each computer and reading a key in the registry. That key would have to be read either way, and would not make things any faster if you could only request one of the values (or installed apps) listed there.


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      Re: Export Specific Software?

      Heh. That's sort of what I expected to hear! I'll continue with the full export - the data remains invaluable, just a little time-consuming to extract.

      Thanks for the rapid reply.