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exporter pro - missing data

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  • exporter pro - missing data

    I have an extract created that shows me a list of all users. it only pulls out SAMACCOUNTNAME, EMPLOYEEID, MAIL

    there are 25744 user accounts in the system.

    I am running the extract in smaller batches due to another issue i have faced with it bringing up an error after a few thousand accounts have extracted saying unable to extract as the server is not operational?

    when i run the file in smaller batches (of a couple of thousand at a time) it is not pulling in all the data for each account. sometimes it will just pull in the SAMACCOUNTNAME but not the MAIL or EMPLOYEEID. but this is different for each account everytime I run it....

    i have looked at the accounts with missing data and the files are populated that i`m trying to extract..

    I need to get this extract sorted urgently, can you help???

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    Re: exporter pro - missing data

    What happens if you run it against your domain object rather than specific users? When you ran against all users at once, was this using the domain object or did you select all 25,000 users and run it that way?


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      Re: exporter pro - missing data

      very very new to the system so you may need to bare with me!

      i moved all users to the right window, selected all of them then ran the export...

      (not sure how to run it against the domain object?)


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        Re: exporter pro - missing data

        No problem. Click on your domain in the left window, then use the Export Selected Objects function. When you select individual accounts, each one takes up a connection in AD. With that many users you are causing AD to disconnect you after X number of connections.

        Try with the domain instead and see what results you get.


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          Re: exporter pro - missing data

          i`ve tried that and it hangs for a minute then give me a file with those headings (SAMACCOUNTNAME, MAIL, EMPLOYEEID) with nothing underneath it?


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            Re: exporter pro - missing data

            Send a couple of screen shots to [email protected] so I can see how you have things configured:

            1. Your template in Exporter Pro
            2. Your domain configuration under File->Manage Object View->Objects.


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              Re: exporter pro - missing data

              its on its way to you now...

              thanks for your help