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    Running hyena 6.7b, with Office 2003 Pro sp2, on xp pro sp2.

    have converted hyenarpt.mdb to 2003 format, but got same error on original format.

    when i run reports for Users / Groups it exports the data into the mdb tables ok, but it won't autodisplay the formatted report. Attempting to display the report manually, starts prompting for machine name, user name, etc.

    auto display reports for shares etc working ok but not for users / groups.

    any suggestions please

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    Re: Access Reporting

    With Active Directory data there are no formatted reports. Shares and similar information don't come from AD, so they still have formatted reports in the database.

    Basically, when you run Generate Report, if the report/table name is filled in already you'll get a 'canned' report. If you have to type in a table name, make sure it is unique, and it will create a table in the database and stop there.

    You can then use the Access Query or Report Wizards to create your own reports.