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Exporting data of specific registry value...

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  • Exporting data of specific registry value...

    I am trying to pull the value for my anti-virus DAT out of the following location:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\TVD\VirusScan Enterprise\CurrentVersion

    The data I'm trying to get is from a value called szVirDefVer. For some reason I can structure the query to get ALL the values from the CurrentVersion key (there's about 20 of them, ouch) if I hit it as shown above (no additional slashes or astrisks for subkeys) but if I add szVirDefVer to the end of it I get nothing no matter how many value names I include.

    Is there a way for me to retrieve just the one value? I normally wouldn't mind filtering the results to get the extra values out but there are 1000+ machines for me to query.


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    Re: Exporting data of specific registry value...

    I think you might be including the value name in the path. Think of value names like a file. If I want to get the value of the "CommonFilesDir" from the Windows\CurrentVersion key, I enter this for the registry key path:


    Then, enter "CommonFilesDir" for the value name.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Exporting data of specific registry value...

      That's exactly what I've tried a million times to no avail. However I re-did as per your instructions and magically it worked as I wanted!

      Very strange but I'm happy it works. Thanks!