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Exporting Local/Global group links

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  • Exporting Local/Global group links

    I have been playing with the Exporter Pro utility and I cannot figure this out.

    If possible, from a server, I want to export all of the names shares/folder, which local groups/users have access into each of them and then which global groups are tied to those respective local groups.

    Is this possible with Exporter Pro?

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    Re: Exporting Local/Global group links

    You can use it to export share and file permissions, but will have to run the group members export separately, then tie the two output files together using something like Access.

    The Windows NT/Local Groups export is where you'll configure the group members output.

    For share/file security, here are some instructions:

    In Hyena select the server or servers that you want to search, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.
    Click the Settings button, then double-click on Security Access.
    Check the box to Export Security Information and enter an Output File Name.

    For share permissions, check the box for shares and choose the type of shares you want reported on. For NTFS file and directory permissions check the box for Files and Directories.

    Check the box to only export information for users/groups listed in this file. Enter a filename that will contain the users/groups you want to search for. The file doesn't have to exist yet because when you click the Edit button Notepad will open and ask you if you want to create it. In the file you will list, one per line, the users and/or groups you want to search for. Then click OK to close that dialog.

    You'll also need a File/Directory template, so double-click on File/Directory. Click the New button at the bottom, give it a Template Name and an Output File Name. If you only want to search directories, check the box for that, then click the Add button beside Shared Directory Paths. Choose the shares you want, how far down you want it to scan, then click OK.

    Security Access and File/Directory should be the only options enabled on this screen, if there is anything else enabled, disable them before running the export. When done, click Close and click Start Export.

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      Re: Exporting Local/Global group links


      I am attempting to follow the instructions above in order to determine a single users NT (not Share) access by username to all servers in our org, but I do not see the option "For NTFS file and directory permissions check the box for Files and Directories" as described as the checkbox is not available. I am using Hyena v6.0 Rev 'C' . Exporter Pro is version 1.5 rev 'C' How should I proceed?

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        Re: Exporting Local/Global group links

        It's probably your version. You'll need to upgrade to get that functionality.


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          Re: Exporting Local/Global group links

          Any Specifics? I can't seem to find any information about versions here or Google / Yahoo.


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            Re: Exporting Local/Global group links

            Go to our download page and download the latest version: