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  • Import info into AD

    We have about 1500 users in AD. Several of the fields are blank like phone number, email, and title. We would like to have this info filled in.

    1st. Can this be done by importing the new info and modifing current users?

    2nd. What tool would I use for this?


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    Re: Import info into AD

    We don't have anything at this time that would do this. Our User Commander utility is planned to be updated to support Active Directory, at which time it will be the perfect utility for this purpose. We don't have a timeline on this yet, though.

    Hyena has a new feature called Manage Directory Attributes that allows you to set AD data on multiple users at once. The catch in your question, though, is I assume the data will be different for each user. But, if you find that you have data that will be the same for many users, try the Manage Directory Attributes option to save some time.