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  • export "My Document" size

    I have found several post on the subject of getting file size. None of them seem to work for me. I only need the folder size of a users "My Documents".

    I have been able to get the size of every file under "Documents and Settings" (documents and settings\*) but was wondering if there is a way to get only the "My Document" size? ( using c$\documents and setitngs\username\my documents does not give me anything back)

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    Re: export "My Document" size

    The method you used to get the size for documents and settings should work the same for the other directory.

    What exact steps are you taking?


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      Re: export "My Document" size

      I select a group of computers, and using the template of "c$\documents and setitngs\username\my documents". I have used different settings in place of username i.e. username, %username%, *.

      When i view it in Excel, of course I can filter out what I don't want to see, but it only gives me the size of files in that folder, not the size of the entire folder and subfolders, as when I right click on it directly on the PC.


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        Re: export "My Document" size

        In that case you'd have to dump the documents and settings and filter the output file. There's no variable that can be used for the <username> part of that path.


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          Re: export "My Document" size

          Your share path would be c$\documents and settings; your file filter would be blank (ie *.*)

          If you just want directory sizes, there is a checkbox to just export directory sizes, so your output would have in it the sizes of each documents and settings directory and each subdirectory (assuming you want the subdirectory sizes).

          What you probably want is the size of the my documents directory, including the size of the contents of all of the directories. While you will get this, you will have to add the sizes of the sub-directories up in Excel/Access, as Exporter Pro can't know that you want it to sum the directory contents for you. Exporter Pro is only able to report to you the size of the files (that match your filter) in the directory itself.
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.