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export members of OUs

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  • export members of OUs

    I want to get a list of users and the OU they are in.
    Additionally, I would like to get any groups they are a member of

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    Re: export members of OUs

    One way to do this would be to add either the DN or ADsPath to the field for an AD query and the MemberOf field, and then view this in Hyena.

    To do this:

    -Click the first toolbar button
    -Click on the AD Queries tab
    -Select the "All Users" query type and select one of the queries, for example, User (Detailed-General).
    -Change the Attribute category to be General Directory Object Attributes
    -Select either the DN or ADsPath attribute and add it to the query output fields. Also add MemberOf
    -Close the Object Manager dialog.

    Then, right click on All Users, select Tabular Views->and then select the name of the query that you added the fields to.

    Then Control-A, then Control-C to send the data to a file or the clipboard.

    The OU will be part of the DN or ADsPath.