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reporting AD delegation?

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  • reporting AD delegation?

    Hi all!
    I'm sysadmin for a large european companie.
    We are using win2000 AD.
    Some administration delegation were made onto some OU in the past : it is quite difficult to retrieve all the changes made.

    Does Hyena is able to provide this feature?

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    Re: reporting AD delegation?

    Microsoft does not track the OUs that you have delegated, as all the delegation does is assign particular rights to the OU itself.

    Find an OU that you have delegated rights to in HYena (either the left or right window), right click, and select List Directory Security. Make a note of the information or save it to a file (Edit->Select All, then Edit->Copy). Then, find an OU that is not delegated and view its security the same way and notice the differences.

    Then, display your OUs in Hyena's right window, select as many as you want, right click, and select View Directory Security. Sort it if you want to or export it like you did above to find which OUs have the same/similar permissions that indicated they were delegated out.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.