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Exporting only certian services

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  • Exporting only certian services

    I've read all the old posts about this and still can't find the right way to list the services that I want to report on using Exporter pro.

    I created a .dat file that lists the services I want details on. For example I only want to report on MSSQLServer and "World Wide Web Publishing Service". What is the correct syntax or way of listing these?

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    Re: Exporting only certian services

    Your file will have one service per line like:


    The key is that you have to use the actual Service Name. In the example you gave, the second service would be:


    I don't have SQL on this computer so I'm not sure what the other service name would be, but you can check by viewing Services for a computer using Hyena. The name in the Name column is the one you want to use.


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      Re: Exporting only certian services

      I have to resurrect this topic. I have also been trying to get a report out for only one service (W32Time) on all the servers in a domain. I have tried a .txt file with the W32Time on line one and also a .dat file.
      neither seems to work. it still goes and returns status for every service on the machines.
      Is there some special layout or structure for the file it reads? or some other trick that is needed?
      kinda frustrating so far... 170 servers with 70+ services running on each is a huge file to parse thru just to verify if one service is running.
      any help would be appreciated.


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        Re: Exporting only certian services

        I just tested using that same service and it ran perfectly. Give us the steps you are taking.

        What I did was:

        Select my computers in Hyena, then went to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export From Selected Objects. Clicked Settings, then double-clicked on Services.

        Enabled it, entered an output filename, chose Drivers and Services, and Active and Inactive. I checked the box to Only export information for services listed in this file, and entered a filename. I clicked Edit and let Notepad create the file and then entered W32Time and hit enter to terminate the line. Closed and saved the file then started the export.


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          Re: Exporting only certian services

          I just followed your directions to the letter. I still get a list of every service for every server.
          FYI, I am using Hyena v8.6c and exporter pro v2.6b


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            Re: Exporting only certian services

            Go ahead and send screenshots of everything to [email protected] so we can see if we can spot the issue.


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              Re: Exporting only certian services

              I managed to get it to work. Seems that the editor I was using (not notepad as it is not my default on this machine) was adding hidden asci characters to the end of the line that exporter must not have liked.

              So, thank you. it is working great now!