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    Re: Specific User Properties Export

    Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to import a list of users by samaccountname as there isn't object type in Exporter Pro that supports this. If they are AD users, you can do this if you have their LDAP path, though.

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  • msekolpsu
    started a topic Specific User Properties Export

    Specific User Properties Export

    Forgive me for posing this like a Microsoft test, but...
    Suppose management comes to you with a list of user's in a spreadsheet, including their samaccountname. It's a list of about 300 users. They've all been terminated since 3 months ago and should be disabled in AD

    Can you create a text file with the samaccountname and import it into Exporter Pro and then say - report just for these users in the text file and show me the samAccountControl for this list.