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  • Lastlogon = NEVER

    I am using a scheduled task to run exporter pro on 2 AD domains to find out when users last logged on.

    I have ticked the box to query all DCs and it seems to work but a lot of users return a result of NEVER and this does not seem to add up. Some people in my own team apparently have NEVER logged on and I know they are using their account every day.

    How is this NEVER determined?

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    Re: Lastlogon = NEVER

    NEVER is returned is the date if a zero.

    You can determine if the information is accurate a couple of ways:

    - In Hyena, right click on the account, select Account Functions->View Logon Information. Then, click the Check All Domain Controllers button and see what the results are. If they are different than what you see in Exporter Pro, let me know.

    - You can also check the contents of the lastlogon attribute directly, assuming this is an AD domain. Just right click on the account in Hyena, select Listing Views->User (All). Then look for the value of the lastlogon attribute. This will only be for one computer, but you can focus this query to be on any DC by right clicking on your domain and selecting "Set Source Controller". YOu will need to reexpand your domain object when you do this to force the DC name to be in your sub-object paths.

    - Finally, in Exporter Pro, there is an option to show the last logon for all DCs. I would recommend running this one time just to make sure when all of the logons are for these particular accounts.

    Let me know what you find.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.