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  • Users last logon

    I need to run a report of the last time a user account has logged on in Active Directory. I have multiple Domain controllers.

    What is the best way to run this kind of report in Hyena?


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    Re: Users last logon

    For a single user you can right-click on the user and choose View Logon Information and then click the Check All Controllers button.

    For multiple users you'll need to use Exporter Pro, which has an option in the user exports to check all domain controllers.


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      Re: Users last logon

      I have tried that- however it just locks up. Any thoughts?


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        Re: Users last logon

        Can you give us more details on what you mean by it locking up?


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          Re: Users last logon

          when trying to run the exporter it just shows a blank screen and floating hour glass- ran for over an hour still nothing.


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            Re: Users last logon

            Send the exact steps you are taking and possibly screen shots showing what you are doing to [email protected].


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              Re: Users last logon

              my bad- i was doing it wrong- it works

              thanks !


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                Re: Users last logon

                I select the users on the right that I want to export into exporter pro. I then run the job that has "last logon" in it. The job scans the domain controllers and shows that it has exported- however when I looka at the file it only has the headers listed on it and no data.

                any thoughts


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                  Re: Users last logon

                  Again, send me the details on what you are doing exactly, what export options you are selecting, etc.


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                    Re: Users last logon

                    open Hyena v 6.2
                    Right click on All users- tabular view- summary
                    filtering for OU=TUL
                    selecting all users
                    Tools- exporter pro- export selected objects
                    selected job- configured with Detailed users
                    Directory query properties
                    -output file name- C:\temp\lastlogon.txt
                    -scope- single
                    -object type users
                    -query attributes
                    --%object path
                    --%object name

                    SET OPTIONS
                    Enable exporting checked
                    export from all domain controllers checked

                    Start export
                    Runs and shows exporting on the right side window

                    shows finished exporting

                    I look at the export file and the only thing in it is the heading (see objects above) no info on users-----------



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                      Re: Users last logon

                      Change the Scope from Single to All Directory Levels. Let us know what you get.


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                        Re: Users last logon

                        Dear Administrator,

                        Could you explain more detailed how I can get a list of users with lastlogon attribute (replicated from all DCs)?


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                          Re: Users last logon

                          Assuming you have Hyena, click on your domain in Hyena's left window, select Tools-Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.

                          Click the Settings button

                          Disable any exports that appear in bold, then go to the Active Directory exports tab and enable the Detailed User export.

                          (Alternately, create a new AD export with the fields that you want and call it LastLogon, etc.)

                          Click on the Properties for the Detailed Users export and click the Set Options... button. Enable the option to export last logon information and select the option that you want.

                          Close all of the dialogs until you return to Hyena, then click the Start Export button.

                          Let us know if you get the results you are looking for.
                          Kevin Stanush
                          SystemTools Software Inc.