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Show all disabled users for an OU

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  • Show all disabled users for an OU

    I want to show all the disabled users for a OU and all the child OU's below it.


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    Re: Show all disabled users for an OU

    When you click on your OU, you should see a toolbar at the bottom of Hyena. This is a filtering toolbar that allows you to choose what you do or don't want to see.

    When you click the Traverse Containers button on that toolbar, Hyena will show you all objects beneath that point, including sub-OUs. Select the Users button, and unselect the others to see only the users.

    Once you have it set the way you want you will double-click on your OU again and it will redisplay everything and apply your filters.

    Once you have your users in the right window, do a Ctrl-a to select them all, then right-click and choose Tabular Views->User(Detailed). Scroll over and look for a column labeled Role and any users with DISABLED in that column will be your disabled users.

    If you don't see the Role column, post back here and I'll give you instructions on how to add it.