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  • Uptime Reporting

    What methods does Hyena use to report uptime? I have a 2000 server that is says the uptime on it is like 3.5 years, yet if I look at the event log I know its been up for less than a month because it received patches and rebooted. You can see the events for the patch installations and event log service stop and start.

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    Re: Uptime Reporting

    Hyena uses a Windows function to return this data. The last post in this thread gives instructions on how to get this information from WMI:

    You can use that for comparison purposes.


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      Re: Uptime Reporting

      Not trying to take anything away from Hyena, lord knows I love it and preach it to all my fellow IT friends. I use psinfo and it will give you system uptime. Here is the command I have in my "Tool Settings"
      <span style="font-weight: bold">cmd /c cls & "\\servername\Scripts\HyenaTools\PsTools\psinf o" \\%E% -u domainname\username -p password & pause</span>
      I use it from a share point but you can easily modify this to use a local directory.


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        Re: Uptime Reporting

        I don't know what technique this tool uses, but the only two reliable ways to get a remote system's uptime is to use the performance counters or WMI. I know psinfo would not use WMI, so it probably uses the performance counters.

        In Hyena, you can use the Performance object, then click on the System performance object under that (it should be one of the default perf queries that are defined when you install Hyena). If you don't see that query, you can easily add it.

        But WMI is the way to go, because you can get it for multiple systems.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.