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  • server uptime

    Is there an easy way of getting a report on the uptime of all the servers in an AD domain?

    I also need to do this using the command line so that I can schedule it to run every week.

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    Re: server uptime

    Hyena's Exporter will do this for you, and it supports a command line as well. The file is exporter.exe located in your Hyena directory.


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      Re: server uptime

      A better option is to use either Exporter Pro or Hyena to get this information through WMI. The method used by Exporter is obsolete as it uses a Microsoft function that can return misleading information due to a maximum value of about 45 days. Maybe when Microsoft designed it, they thought that Windows could not stay up for more than 45 days...

      If you use the WMI Win32_OperatingSystem class, you can see the LastBootUpTime value. In Hyena, you can multi-select computers in Hyena's right window, right click select WMI->Execute Query, then select Win32_OperatingSystem. Exporter Pro is similiar, except you do it more non-interactively.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.