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MS-Access limited to 255 chars

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  • MS-Access limited to 255 chars

    Hello, anyone has a solution or workaround for this possible 'problem'. The problem is that I have a custom defined view that I'd like to export to MS-Access. MS-Access always makes tables with datatype 255 even when my columns has more strings.

    I tried this: instead create new table appending to existing (table changed from text 255 to memo fields) but then also the string is cut off at position 255. Also a seperate text file has the same limitation.

    I'll think the limitproblem is already in the details window next to the treeview.

    Who can help me with a workaround?
    Regards, Jacco

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    Re: MS-Access limited to 255 chars

    Fields in the right window are limited to 255 characters, and unfortunately that can't be changed. The only option would be to export your data using Exporter Pro. This creates a delimited text file that you can import into a new Access datbase and won't be subject to the same limitations.


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      Re: MS-Access limited to 255 chars

      The 255 character limit is imposed by Windows on any list control window, which Hyena uses for its right window. Data that is truncated by Hyena will usually have ...! appended to it to signal that a truncation happened. Since Exporter Pro write directly to a text file, its not affected by this limitation.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.