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Run-time Error '2103'

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  • Run-time Error '2103'

    I am using Microsoft Access 2003. When I initially generate a report it opens access and gives me an error message:

    You can't make changes to the database objects in the database 'hyenarpt'

    This database was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Access.

    I seem to remember getting that error message in v6.2 of Hyena. However, I could accept the message and it would still generate the report. Now after accepting that initial message it is followed up by the next error message:

    Run-time Error '2103'

    The report name 'randomreport' you entered in either the property sheet or macro is misspelled or refers to a report that doesn't exist.

    I have completely uninstalled and cleaned registry keys. After re-installing I get the same error. I have also tried converting the database to a newer version, but I continue to get this error.

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    Re: Run-time Error '2103'

    What are the exact steps you are taking in Hyena to get to this point? What data are you reporting on?


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      Re: Run-time Error '2103'

      Actually, upon testing some does look like I can run some reports. Below is what I was doing when I got this error.

      *I opened Hyena v6.3 rev B
      *I browsed through the Containers/OU structure to find the OU in my domain that contains distribution list.
      *I expanded that OU and selected the highlighted the group I wanted to export.
      *I right-clicked on the group and choose Listing View -> Group (All)
      *I then sorted by Property in the Viewing pane.
      *I used shift+left click to select all the objects with the property "member"
      *I then choose Tools -> Generate Report -> Selected Items Only

      I have also tried exporting all data without without selecting just the members. I get the same error. It seems to have something to do with the Listing View -> Group (All) and the individual group. If I do a tabular view of the container itself I have no problem. Just the listing view is giving these errors.

      What I'm trying to accomplish is export all the members of a specific distribution list. Perhaps I just need to make some custom tabular views.


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        Re: Run-time Error '2103'

        Run through those same steps again, but this time don't change the Report Name. Leave it as AdObjectList and that should run.


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          Re: Run-time Error '2103'

          That resolved the issue.

          Thank you