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  • Export properties

    When I try to modify the export properties the sytem ignores the update I make.
    For instance, if in the 'Active Directory' tab I uncheck any existing query, for instance Groups, and then I click OK, the update is not saved i e when I open again the 'Export Properties' and select the 'Active Directory' tab, the query is checked again.

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    Re: Export properties

    This is Exporter Pro, correct? If so, what version of Exporter Pro are you running? What exact steps are you taking to run it, and to get to this point?


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      Re: Export properties

      You're right. I'm trying to use Exporter Pro Version 1.0.
      Here are the steps I followed :

      1) I created an New Configuration file where I filled in the requested fields with the following values :
      Configuration Name : Test
      Configuration file name : test.ini
      Object file name : test.dat
      2) I opened the Export properties 'Menu' where I made some updates including the one describe in my initial post


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        Re: Export properties

        That may have been an issue with the version you are using. See if you can update to the latest version of Hyena/Exporter Pro and see if the problem goes away.