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  • Export Output To Single File

    I would like the output from exporter pro to go to a single file intelligently.

    For example, I have a WMI QUERY for the Model Number, Serial Number, Chassis Type (laptop or desktop), OS & Service Pack, and Some registry exports.

    I'd like exporter to write these to the file as follows, ComputerName TAB ModelNumber TAB Serial Number TAB ChassisType TAB etc. etc. Order I don't care.

    Currently each report item is a separate file & I have to assemble them. I want each computer that is "Exported" to show up on one line as a single record with multiple fields.

    Keep in mind that the WMI Queries are all in different classes.

    If I point each of the export items to the same file and let it append it writes one after another on another line. I don't even want to think about parsing that!

    I wouldn't think this would be very hard because Exporter Pro exports one computer at a time.

    Can this be done or am I missing something? If it can't it should be addressed in a future release. I can't believe I'm the only one wanting this.

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    Re: Export Output To Single File

    There are a number of technical reasons why we don't have this option:

    - It would be confusing to some on how to configure this. The last thing we need in Exporter Pro is to further complicate the configuration.

    - WMI is limited to only allowing one class at a time to be queried.

    - Appending the output and other items like that present rather big problems to the Exporter Pro WMI export engine, as it writes any data directly to a file that is already open.

    - And finally, some WMI classes can have multiple instances, like Printers, Services, etc. Some classes only have one. If you combine output from more than one WMI class, there isn't a good way to present this information.

    - There are probably more problems with doing this, but these were just the ones that came to mind first.

    If you import WMI files into Access and join on the __SERVER field, you can create an Access query that can pull data from any table (file).
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Export Output To Single File

      I am already using Access to Merge the data into a single record. Although one issue I have is with registry exports. WMI uses __Server with the netbios name. Registy seems to be using the UNC \\Computername. This is how it has always worked for me in the past, However once I started a fresh configuration I saw it work once & now it's not again. I'm not sure if it is because of all of my hyena upgrades or what... I tried in a fresh Virtual PC & I get mixed results.
      Any Suggestestions?


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        Re: Export Output To Single File

        The __SERVER symbol is a special WMI symbol, so Hyena does not have any control over what gets returned. I've only seen Netbios names returned.

        I'll try to add the standard symbols to the WMI template, so that you can add the Object_Path symbol (like the registry exports), that way you would have a consistent link for Access queries.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.