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  • Save report process output

    Is there any way to save the information that shows up in the Reporter Pro output windows(aside from using windows to screenshot the output).
    I have the option on that uses ping to tell if the computer is on the network at the point of running the report, but I want to document my report to contain that computerxyz was not contacted because it could not be pinged.


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    Re: Save report process output

    On the Output tab of Exporter Pro's configuration properties you can enable logging. This will create a file of this information.


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      Re: Save report process output

      I tried doing this. The information does get exported but varies from the information displayed in the status window.

      As an example I was receiving Access Denied errors on a few machines but the export log only showed REMOTE_ACCESS and the computer name as the error. Ping errors showed up as PING. It would be great if the error in the status were logged the same.


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        Re: Save report process output

        This is a good idea (adding an option to export/save the Exporter Pro right window output). I'll add that option in the next release.

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        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.