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Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

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  • Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

    I'm trying to export various information like last logon, account expiry, etc. I can get the information I want if I use Exporter Pro.

    My problem is getting the same information by using the "generate report" function. I have set up "Object Configuration Manager AD Queries" for "All Users" > "Users (Detailed-General). I've got the Attributes that I want but when I "Generate Report" the report gets attributes that I haven't specified.

    I'm sure I'm just overlooking something but if I could get some help with this function it would be very helpful in my evaluation of the product.


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    Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

    Can you give us more details on what extra information you are gettings? Hyena simply takes the information from the right window and sends it to the database. So, what you see in the right window is what you get in the database.


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      Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

      Thanks for the response. Not sure what my issue was before but I tried it again and got the attributes that I wanted!

      The reason I wanted to get the report in MS Access was to save me a step of copying from a .txt file that Exporter creates into Excel so I can sort it. Exporter won't go to Excel will It?


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        Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

        Exporter Pro creates a delimited text file that Excel can open. You can change the delimiter to a comma and name the output file with a .csv extension if you like, then you can simply double-click on the file after Exporter Pro has created it and Excel will open it.


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          Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

          Thanks for that!

          I was under the impression that when I used the Generate Report option that the data would go into Access and create a nice report for me?! It looks like it just goes into a table and I have to create my own report right?


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            Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

            That is correct. When you send Active Directory data to the database, it creates a table and you can then use the Access Report Wizard to create a report.


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              Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

              In Exporter Pro, there is a toolbar icon that you can click on that will display the file(s) that were created on the export. You can then open the file from this dialog.

              Exporter Pro recognizes the registry shell open commands used by Windows to open files, so if you create a command of:

              "c:\<path_to_excel\excel.exe" "%E%"

     can open the file directly from Exporter Pro in Excel without having to use the Open With button.

              Or, if you create a special file type, like .excel, you could in theory associate that file type with Excel.

              Hyena can't create MsAccess reports that are formatted with page headers, etc. as Access does not support this. Because there are unlimited amounts of possible combinations of data from AD, having report templates would only work if the default AD queries in Hyena were not changed.

              You can, however, have Hyena write to whatever Access table that you want to, ie AllUsers, for example, and then create your own report in Access using the Access Report Wizard. Then, when Hyena creates your table, just double-click the report name in access and it will display your report. Its just one more click.

              You could also modify the macro that Hyena runs when it creates the table too to run the report...
              Kevin Stanush
              SystemTools Software Inc.


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                Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

                Ok, so I've created a couple reports. The attributes I've used are Name, Last Logon Timestamp,PWD last Reset, expires and allow dial in.

                I've noticed that a lot of users do not have "Last Logon Time Stamp". Is this maybe because we have many Domain Controllers and a few different domains? Is this product better suited for a single domain?


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                  Re: Missing attributes in MS Access Reports

                  When you are viewing data in Hyena's right window this is being retrieved from one controller. Since logon information is stored locally on the controller that validates logon requests, this is probably why you are missing values.

                  You can use the Exporter Pro to export user information as it has an option to query all domain controllers and display the latest date/time found.