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Logons and computer names

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  • Logons and computer names

    Can Hyena be used to match account logons with computers

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    Re: Logons and computer names

    Give us more details on what you are looking for. I don't quite understand what you are wanting to compare.


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      Re: Logons and computer names

      I apologize for the limited info.

      For Example if you rt click on a computer name it will show who is currently logged on. Can i create a report that will show the computer name and who is logged on. hope this helps


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        Re: Logons and computer names

        Yes you can do this, and have two different options:

        1. Select your computers in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose View Logged on Users. When that finishes running for the selected users you can click the Copy to Clipboard button and then open Excel and do an Edit, Paste.

        2. Exporter Pro can be used to export this information on all or a selection of computers. This will create a delimited text file that you can also open with Excel.