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Some confusion about access levels.

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  • Some confusion about access levels.

    I am given administrative access to machines at my job site. When using Hyena's Exporter Pro, configured to extract AD related information, I get nothing but column headers.

    For example, my output files are named: Account_Audit_Policies.txt (for Account/Audit Policies object under "Other" tab in Export properties)
    AD_group_members.txt (for "Group Members" objectunder AD tab in Export Properties.)

    These and other files come out as a 1kb txt file which has only column headers within the file...

    What is happening? Do I need to be a Domain Admin - am I doing something wrong? HELP!

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    Re: Some confusion about access levels.

    Select your AD domain in Hyena, then to go Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click Settings to make sure you still have it configured the way you want, then click Start Export. Let us know if you still have blank output files after that.