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Showing Event viewer Details in a report

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  • Showing Event viewer Details in a report

    I currently use Hyena to produce a report for management. I filter our domain controller system event viewer log for a date range (like the last month). I use event type of information and scan for source type "IAS" and get a nice report of remote users authenticating to our IAS/radius service when they remotely logon using our Cisco Vpn.
    Only if I double click on each individual entry in the event viewer do I get the details (the description) that I also need in the report--such as user network logon ID, IP address, etc.
    How can I get this detailed (description) data--or the important part, to print in the report for management?
    Is there a better way to get this detail to print--a better product, or will Hyena do it in a report?
    Thanks very much for all your help.
    my email is [email protected]

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    Re: Showing Event viewer Details in a report

    By default the Description field doesn't display in the right window. You can add it by going to Tools->Settings->Display, changing the Display Mode to Events and adding Description to the Available Columns.

    Run your event filter again and you should see the new column containing the description information.