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    Hi there

    Im busy doing a migration from one domain to another within the same forest and i just have a couple of questions.

    we've got quite a couple of groups, i mean over 500, i cant use active directory migration tool to migrate them so i need to recreate them in the new domain.

    Is there any way i can see in hyena where these specific groups give access to, i know there is a way to do it by going to each server and going thru its shares but that isnt working for me.

    Is there any way where i can take a group and see on what shares on what servers it has access to and what type of access it is.

    At the end of the day i want a nice excel sheet with all my groups and where they give access to, is there a report i can customize to do this for me?

    please help!

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    Re: Group Access

    The problem is there is no central location where this information is stored, but rather it is stored with each share, directory, and file.

    If you are looking for share access, you can use Exporter Pro to export share permissions across as many computers as you want. You can then take the output file and open it with Excel.

    In Hyena you'll select the computers you want to check, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button and configure the Security Access option.


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      Re: Group Access

      thanks for the reply, I played a around with it a bit more and sort off got what i wanted

      thanks bro