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  • Export Logon Hours

    Does anyone know how to read the logon hours user export? I figured it would start at Sunday but it does not. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Export Logon Hours

    Unfortunately this isn't documented anywhere, but doing some quick testing of disallowing, etc, it looks like it starts Saturday at 6PM and goes from there.


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      Re: Export Logon Hours

      This appears to adjust by time zone as well, so yours may be a hour or two either side of that starting point.


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        Re: Export Logon Hours

        Thanks... MS strikes again... sheesh!


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          Re: Export Logon Hours

          The data has to be read from left to right, with each hour represented by a 1 or 0; a '1' indicates that the user can logon on during that hour.

          The starting position is zero hour (midnight) GMT, ie in London. If you know your server's time zone, you can calculate the GMT offset if you don't know it already by going into Control Panel->Date/Time and looking at the time zone selection which displays the GMT offset.

          To visually see the starting point of midnight on Sunday, you can just restrict that one hour for a test user and run Exporter Pro and you will see a '0' appear for midnight-1:00am Sunday.

          Exporter Pro currently does not attempt to determine the computer's GMT offset and format the logon hours, although Hyena does. Don't ask what happens on the few Australian time zones that are on 1/2 hour timezones....
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.