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  • List machines that are up

    I am new to Hyena and was trying to find out of Hyena can give me a report or a visual listing of machines that are up on the network.

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    Re: List machines that are up

    When you double-click on the Computers object, your computers will be displayed in the right window. You should see blue and gray icons, with the blue icons indicating those that are online. This information comes from the Windows Browse List, so if any computers are not normally on the browse list, they will have a gray icon.


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      Re: List machines that are up

      So it actually just returns a listing of machines in the browse list and doesnt actually verify that they are up on the network.

      I tried to connect to several machines that came up blue and they were not online, even after I refreshed the computer list.



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        Re: List machines that are up

        That is correct in that it won't validate those in any way. You can enable the Ping options in Tools->Settings->View to have Hyena ping a computer so you know if it is online or not, but this does not impact the blue/gray icons.


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          Re: List machines that are up

          There isn't any way for an application to both display a list of computers on the network and also give you an indication whether or not they are online. It would be somewhat possible to do this on a small set of computers, but there are situations where there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of computers in a given domain, and there is not a mechanism in Windows to quickly ping or otherwise determine if a large set of computers are online or not.
          Kevin Stanush
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