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disk usage report on servers

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  • disk usage report on servers

    Is there a way of generating a disk usage report on all my servers?

    It would be nice to be able to have notification to me if one of my servers
    is running out space on a disk.

    thank you

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    Re: disk usage report on servers

    Hyena doesn't do any active monitoring or alerting. You can view disk space for mulitiple computers by selecting them in the right window, then right-clicking and choosing Drive Space.


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      Re: disk usage report on servers

      I ran into this same thing. We have several servers and were wanting something for that exact reason. Here is a zip file that contains 4 files. The readme is pretty simple and you can edit it how ever you need. The cool thing with the vbs scheduling that task is it uses system right's and not user right's. That way you never have to worry about a password changing.

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