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  • Custom Attributes w/Exchange

    In Object Manager Configutayion, I am editing a "Users Query". I want to show if the user has an email account is using an forwarder. So I THINK I need to change one of the Custom Exchange Attributes to fit. How would I change it? Also, I am unsure if I am following the right path. Can this be done with Hyena?


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    Re: Custom Attributes w/Exchange

    This can probably be done, but first I need to know the name of the AD attribute that contains this information. To find it, right click on a user that has an email forwarder, and select Listing Views->All *

    In the right window, find the attribute that contains the forwarding value that you expect, and let me know what the attribute name is.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Custom Attributes w/Exchange

      From what Microsoft says, this is the attribute of the for attributes added with Exchange:

      ms-Exch-Forwarding-Address Attribute


      Contains a SMTP address that should be used as the mail forwarding address of the object.

      Attribute Value
      adminDescription ms-Exch-Forwarding-Address
      adminDisplayName ms-Exch-Forwarding-Address
      attributeID 1.2.840.113556.1.2.606
      isMemberOfPartialAttributeSet FALSE
      isSingleValued TRUE
      lDAPDisplayName forwardingAddress
      mapiId 35940
      cn ms-Exch-Forwarding-Address
      oMSyntax 64
      objectCategory CN=Attribute-Schema,<SchemaContainerDN>
      objectClass attributeSchema
      rangeLower 1
      rangeUpper 256
      schemaIdGuid /1d3FvNH0RGpwwAA+ANnwQ==
      searchFlags 0
      attributeSecurityGuid VAGN5Pi80RGHAgDAT7lgUA==

      I believe I want "lDAPDisplayName". But I did not see it when I went to "show all" on a user.



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        Re: Custom Attributes w/Exchange

        It looks like what you need is altRecipient. You can add this by going to File->Manage Object View->AD Custom. Choose Active Directory User, then New. The Attribute Directory Name is altRecipient, and in Display Title you can put something like ForwardingAddress.

        Save that, then go to File->Manage Object View->AD Queries and you can add it to one of your exising queries, such as User Detailed General.

        When you run the modified query by right-clicking on All Users and choosing Tabular Views->Users(Detailed-General) you will see an additional column for ForwardingAddress.


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          Re: Custom Attributes w/Exchange

          That was it. Thanks very much!