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  • Report for UserID and Group


    I can using to do a generate an report that has the following information.

    UserID, First Name, Last Name, member of

    The problem I have is the member of field gives me to much information, all I want is just the group name.


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    Re: Report for UserID and Group

    Let me know what mechanism you are using to generate this report now. You can't use Hyena to make a report showing user IDs and group memberships with a single row per user as there isn't any way to put the group memberships into a single cell. The MemberOf directory attribute is not very useful as you have found.

    One thing you can do in Hyena is to right click on one or more groups in Hyena's right window and select the View Members option. This is only available for AD domains, however.

    Exporter Pro (part of Hyena) can also generate output files of users, user group memberships, groups, and group memberships, but these will be in separate files. The group membership report, does however, include some user information.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.