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Reporting performance counters

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  • kstanush
    Re: Reporting performance counters

    This appears to be a bug of sorts, as reporting performance counters is not really supported, except for process counters. Because there are essentially an unlimited possible number of counter classes and counters, there isn't really a way for the Access reporting interface to work.

    Your best option would be to just cut-and-paste the output into Excel, which would give you the correct heading labels.

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  • spmcdtk
    started a topic Reporting performance counters

    Reporting performance counters

    When reporting the "performance counters" to the hyenarpt.mdb process table, the values do not match the fields that they are placed in. I have Hyena v6.0 Rev D, but upgraded by downloading the "Update Only from 5.x release".

    Is there a new hyenarpt.mdb that I should be using?