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    To monitor our network for dormant accounts we generate a report from Hyena to a table in an MSaccess Db then simply query the "Last Logon" field for users who have not logged on for XX days. Now that we have installed AD, and have numerous domain controllers, I am finding it difficult to report dormant accounts.
    For individual accounts the "View Logon Information" coupled with "Check all Domain Controllers" works fine. However I would like to report that level of detail for all 8000 users on our network and continue to use MSaccess to produce a report. Is that possible?

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    Re: Logon Information

    You can do this using Exporter Pro. On the user exports is an option to export from all domain controllers. You'll run this and it will produce a delimited text file that you can open with Excel or Access for further sorting and printing.


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      Re: Logon Information

      Thanks for responding. I'm afraid that I am an ExporterPro virgin and, after having quickly read the Help files, am dim as well. Could you provide short explanation of the bits and pieces I need to set up to produce this report?


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        Re: Logon Information

        To run it, select your domain, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then double-click Detailed User under Active Directory. There is a button on that dialog that when you click it will allow you to select that you want to Enable exporting user information from all domain controllers.

        After you configure this, run the export and the output file created by this process can be opened with Excel for sorting and printing.